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  • Style No. 3434 - Cargo Croma - Clear Visor And Browguard
    Cargo Croma Visor and Browguard has a polycarbonate lens, designed to stop any flying debris from hitting your face whilst also letting you see the task at hand, and comfort browguard protects the forehead. The Croma is suitable for tasks when concerned about heavy dust\flying debris coming in conta..
    From €9.97


  • Style No. 3435 - Cargo Matra - Mesh Visor And Browguard
    The Cargo Matra mesh visor and browguard provides protection from flying particles and debris. The adjustable headgear helps make fitting easier and the browguard helps minimise any injury to the forehead area...
    From €11.02

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  • Style No. 3433 - SM967A - Forestry Helmet Set
    The Cargo Bushman Forestry Kit has a contemporary fashioned design for convenient use and includes a browguard, earmuffs, and a mesh visor. This adjustable headpiece provides protection from flying particles, debris and offers excellent noiseprotection also...
    From €22.04

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  • Style No. 3491 - Forestry Kit
    The 3491 MK7 Forestry Kit c/w Orange Helmet, Ear Muff & Mesh Visor is the ultimate in EN397 head protection. All round head protection, protects the head from every angle not just the magic circle on the crown required for EN397..
    From €41.14

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