Style No. 1636 - Balaclava Hood

Balaclava Hood - Style No. 1636

Stock Unit: Each

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  • Cold Store/Freezer Balaclava
  • Designed To Protect The Wearer From The Cold Conditions
  • Made From Acrylic The Balaclava
  • Prevents The Heat From Escaping From The Top Of The Head
Description: Balaclava Hood is designed for use in Cold Stores or Freezers. Made from Acrylic the balaclava prevents heat escaping from the top of your head and thus protecting the user from the cold conditions

Safety Standard: CE APPROVED: Minimal Risk

Product packaging details Quantity
Stock Unit: Each
Number of Units In Inner Case 1
Number of Units In Outer Case 10
Number of Units in a Pallet 180
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