Style No. 3770 - 2.5M Retractable Lifeline

2.5M Retractable Lifeline - Style No. 3770


Stock Unit: Each

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  • Retractable 2.5m Lifeline Block
  • A Small Lightweight Retractable Lifeline
  • Built in Shock Absorber System
  • The Material in Pack Tears Absorbing the Shock
  • Thus Reducing the Risk of Injury
  • Mechanism and Webbing Ends Fitted with Screwgate Karabiners
  • Net Weight 1.075Kg
Description: 2m Retractable Lifeline has a webbed fabric material line, with a shock absorber that reduces potential injuries during a fall, and screw gate karabiner for 2 point locking when connecting to your harness

Safety Standard: EN360

Product packaging details Quantity
Stock Unit: Each
Number of Units In Outer Case 10