Style No. 4209 - Cargo Magna Cut/Heat Resistant Sleeve 14"

Cargo Magna Cut/Heat Resistant Sleeve 14" - Style No. 4209


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  • 100% Kevlar Cotton Material
  • High Cut Resistance Level
  • Heat Resistant
  • Thumb Slot
  • High Dexterity
Description: The Cargo 350MM Cut Resistant Sleeve is made from kevlar impregnated material, offering high slash/cut protection from sharp objects or knives. The material is elasticated so it fits tightly to your arm. A thumb-slot has been added for securing in place across the bottom of the palm. This really helps with fit, comfort and ease of use, especially when you also need to wear a cut resistant glove on your hands also.

Safety Standard: EN388: Regulation 3X4XC, EN407: X1XXXX

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Stock Unit: Singles
Number of Units In Inner Case 1
Number of Units In Outer Case 240
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