Style No. 3472 - Flexi Goggle

Flexi Goggle - Style No. 3472

Stock Unit: Each

Available From €5.43
  • Polycarbonate Lens Optical Class1
  • Liquid / Chemical Splash Approved
  • Medium Energy Impact Approved
  • Hard Coated Medium Energy (120m/s) Lens
  • Hard Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Anti-Mist
  • Ultra Violet Protection
Description: The Flexi Goggle has a polycarbonate lens offering medium (B) impact protection, and is also anti-misting treated. A robust goggle with indirect venting, to keep the eyes health but also to stop free flowing debris inside the goggle

Safety Standard: EN166: 3B AS AM UV, CE APPROVED

Product packaging details Quantity
Stock Unit: Each
Number of Units In Inner Case 1
Number of Units In Outer Case 120
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