Style No. 3491 - Forestry Kit

Forestry Kit - Style No. 3491

Stock Unit: Each

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  • Forestry Helmet with Mesh Visor and Earmuffs
  • Safety Helmet,Ear Defender and Visor
  • Fully Integrated Protection for Agriculture
  • Forestry Enviroments
  • For use by Professional Foresters
  • When Cleaning Vegetation
  • Trimming Verges with Power Tools
Description: The 3491 MK7 Forestry Kit c/w Orange Helmet, Ear Muff & Mesh Visor is the ultimate in EN397 head protection. All round head protection, protects the head from every angle not just the magic circle on the crown required for EN397

Safety Standard: EN1731, EN397, EN352-3: SNR 26

Product packaging details Quantity
Stock Unit: Each
Number of Units In Inner Case 1
Number of Units In Outer Case 4
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