Style No. 3605 - 3M 4251 Semi Disposable P2 Vapour Mask

3M 4251 Semi Disposable P2 Vapour Mask - Style No. 3605


Stock Unit: Each

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  • Maintenance Free and Designed to be Disposed within a month
  • Protection Against Particulates
  • Organic Vapours with Good Warning Propeties (smell)
  • Maintenance Free
  • 1 Month Usage or When Filters Have Been Saturated
  • NOT SUITABLE for Odourless Gasses and Vapours
Description: Designed to protect against particulates and organic vapours with good warning properties (i.e. smell) and boiling point above 65

Safety Standard: EN149: FFP2 RD, EN141: (A) A1

Product packaging details Quantity
Stock Unit: Each
Number of Units In Outer Case 10
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