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C40 Food Safe Foaming Hand Soap
Mild cleansing lotion for the food industry. Free from colouring agents and perfumes, suitable for f..
Gel Guard Skin Protection
Gel Guard Skin Protection is a perfume free food safe barrier gel, to protect your hands throughout ..
Mild Cleanse Soap Skin Cleanser
Mild cleansing lotion for offices and light industry..
Heavy Duty 2000ml Cleanse Lotion
Heavy Duty Cleanse Lotion is a 2000ml refill for use with the 2000ml Dispenser. This high grit style..
Hygiene Lotion Soap
A pearlised hand soap suitable for environments such as hospitals and kitchens where hygiene is esse..
Sanitiser Hand Gel-70% Alcohol 5L
Hand Sanitiser 5L with 70% of Alcohol. Great at killing germs...
5 Litre Pearlised Blue Soap
Pearlised pH Balanced and soap. Contains Natural Extracts to keep skin soft and balanced..
Regent Red Cleanse Lotion
Regent Red Cleanse Lotion is a 10 litre drum of heavy duty hand cleansing lotion, with grit friction..
Liquid Hand Soap - 5 Litre
Liquid Scented Hand Soap comes in a 5 litre drum, ideally used with a dispenser, can also be used as..
Protect Universal Barrier Cream Soft Bottle 1000ml
Protects the skin against harmful oil and water soluble substances. Ideal for people with changing w..
Dirt Plus Barrier Cream 1000ml
Barrier Cream helps prevent the adhesion of dirt. It is ideal for stubborn or oily dirt and makes cl..
Protect Oil Plus Barrier Cream Soft Bottle 1000ml
Protects the skin against harmful oil-soluble substances. Reduces skin contamination. Fast and easil..
Cleanse Soap Lotion
This mild skin cleanser is ideal for medium grime. It contains plastic friction granules for deep do..
Protect Universal Barrier Cream - 250ml
Barrier Cream help stop the adhesion of dirt, helping ease cleaning after the task has been complete..
Hair And Body Shower Gel
2 in 1 Hair and Body Shower Gel. Suitable for light dirt. Ideal for all areas including showers. Sui..
Hand Sanitiser Gel
Pump Action Sanitiser Hand Gel comes in a 500ml self dispensing bottle. Easy to use and apply, and s..

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