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Visors & Browguards

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Face Mask Clear Visor & Head Carrier (Pk8)
Anti Fog Clear Face Shield Visor, LatexFree with comfort padding on forehead area. Elastic strap fix..
Black Invincible Browguard
Black Invincible Browguard is a head piece to fit the Polycarb or Acetate visors to. This head piece..
Invincible Acetate Visor
Acetate Visors are 8" in length and suitable for use with the invincible browguard as an attachment...
Invincible Polycarbonate Visor
Polycarbonate Visor is an attachable 8" visor to be used with the invincible browguard. The polycarb..
Invincible Wire Mesh Visor
Invincible Wire Mesh 8" Visor made for JSP Invincible Browguard..
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
The auto darkening welding helmet is a lightweight full head and neck protection unit. It includes a..
Welding Headscreen with Flip up Eye Piece
The welding head-screen has a flip-up eyepiece, so you don't have to remove the shield to see your p..
Headscreen Welding Lens/Visor
For use when welding or in extremely bright conditions. Always place this Shade 10 Lens over the Pol..
Headscreen Polycarbonate Lens/Visor
Clear Polycarbonate lens for use with the 3480 4.1/4" x 2" Welding Headscreen. Always place the 3479..
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