Universal Spills

Emergency Universal Spill Kits allow you to take quick action to protect your home, workplace, environment, and your reputation. Spill Kits are available for a variety of situations, from minor spills to more serious leaks.

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Universal 15 Litre Spill Kit
Universal 15 Litre Spill Kit contains: 12 Pads, 2 Socks, 2 Disposable Bags & Ties, and 1 Instruction..
50 Ltr Maintenance Spill Kit - Vinyl Holdall Shoulder Bag
Durable vinyl shoulder bag, easy to carry, Suitable for vehicle cabins, small spaces, corridors, or ..
120 Litre Universal Spill Wheelie Bin
120 Litre Universal Spill kit containing 80 pads (40x50cm), 6 pillows (30x30cm), 8 socks (1.2m long)..
Universal 240 Litre Wheelie Bin
Universal 240 Litre Wheelie Bin contains 180 spill pads (40x50cm), 12 spill socks (1,2m), 6 spill pi..
General Purpose Absorbent Pads
Extremely versatile general purpose pad. Double weight so able to absorb over a litre of oil per pad..
Maintenance Sock
A highly absorbent sock with an economical price. Use as a temporary bund around leaky machinery...
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