Ensure your safety with our selection of sturdy and dependable lanyards. Perfect for various work applications, our lanyards are designed to provide secure attachment points, reducing the risk of falls and enhancing your overall safety when working at heights.

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Restraint Lanyard CU30/1
Adjustable Restraint Lanyard 1.00-2.00 Mtr. Supplied with 2 Karabiners..
1.6M Lanyard With Scaffolding Hook
1.6 Metre Lanyard With Scaffolding Hook is a webbed line, with a shock absorber. A karabiner is atta..
1.75m Lanyard Rope
1.75m Rope Lanyard comes complete with a snap hook and a scaffolding hook, for use in connecting to ..
1.75m Expandable Webbing Lanyard with 2 Scaff Hooks
The 1.75m Lanyard with expandable webbing comes with a large 54mm scaffolding hook and a smaller 19m..
1.8m Twin Lanyard Rope
The 1.8 m Twin Lanyard has two 180cm elastic rubber ropes inside a nylon sleeve with a tear open ene..
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